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An all-encompassing QR code logging, scheduling and management software as a service.
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Create and deploy qrCodes to plan a route
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Scan qrCodes to track job progress
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Get completion / compliance reports
qrLog has truly remarkable features that have a focus on automation and customisation, allowing your business to focus on the tasks at hand, whilst providing the necessary tools for your employees.
data capture
Build groups, locations, user profiles and more. Use custom fields to capture any data point required for your business.
Utilise patterns, blocks to easily add masses of shifts, or add ad-hoc jobs to the scheduler with our easy drag-and-drop builder.
Employees can use the jobs page to see the shifts assigned to them. Easily sign onto a job, fill out forms and scan codes as required.
issue handling
Managers can see any issues reported by their employees from a single page. Mark them as resolved to clear the issue.
form builder
Our form templates are easily built using simple drag-and-drop builder, which can then be assigned and used in any section.
Download PDFs of employees reports directly from the job view or form feeds. Get system-wide reports from its dedicated page.
For our customers, we try to make our pricing model as transparent as possible, so you know exactly what you're paying for.
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